Light Management Solutions
Enhancing the viewing experience of all displays and surfaces

What we're all about
Inspired by nanotextures in nature, Edgehog utilizes recent advances in material science to enhance the viewing experience of all electronic displays.

Our first technology platform features an anti-reflection surface for your smart phone and watches, allowing for unparalleled easy viewing of the display even under the brightest outdoor sunlight. With the Edgehog tech, we can lower the brightness of the display while maintaining high contrast, saving precious battery life in the process.

How does the Edgehog Technology work?
In displays, traditional solutions to glare and intense ambient lighting lies in enhancing the screen brightness. However, this approach is limited by the high energy cost associated with increased light output. Other approaches, such as anti-glare via diffusion mechanisms and anti-reflection coatings suffer from reduced resolution and wavelength dependency, respectively. Our structural approach to anti-reflection results in uniform, low reflectance across the entire visible spectrum.
A Structural Approach to Long Lasting Anti-Reflection Technology

  • 0.1% reflectance at the air/glass interface
  • Optimal at any viewing angle
  • Broad anti-reflection at all visible wavelengths
  • Nanostructures on the surface of native substrat
  • Superhydrophobic surface
We have identified a scalable method of fabricating bio-inspired nanostructures on surfaces for uniform anti-reflectivity across the visible spectrum. By fabricating a nanostructure pattern directly on the native glass or plastic substrate of the display, we can eliminate glare in any environment.
The nanostructure can be fabricated into any substrate, resulting in implementation in diverse applications:
Our qualified team
Calvin Cheng, PhD
Product Lead
Mathieu Massicotte, PhD
Technical Lead
Siamak Kashi, MSc
Research Scientist
Helge Seetzen, PhD
CEO at TandemLaunch, Business Advisor
Charles Black, PhD
Director at Brookhaven Nat'l Lab
Scientific Advisor
Natacha Mainville
CIO at TandemLaunch
Business Advisor
Edgehog operates out of TandemLaunch, a deep tech incubator and investment fund based in Montreal.

780 Brewster Ave, Suite RC-016
Montreal, QC
Canada H4C 2L1
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